Monday, 11 June 2012

♥Sweet sausage from cookies, cocoa and nuts

Sweet sausage from cookies, cocoa and nuts.

So, it is required to us:
* Cookies sand – 300-400 g,
* Butter – 200 g,
* Sugar – 1 glass,
* Cocoa – 3-4 tablespoons with a hill (~40 g),
* Milk or cream (10 %) – 5-6 tablespoons,
* Walnuts – 1 glass (~100 g)

Let's begin with cookies. In its photo approximately twice it is less – the rest was already chopped. About 2/3 it is necessary to crush in a flour.
The remained cookies need to be crumbled on small slices, to mix with the processed weight and to add there the crumbled nuts.After that we pass to the following stage. We take small кастрюльку, we fill in it cocoa and sugar. By the way if you didn't have cocoa that it is possible to use hot chocolate in bags.We mix them and we pour milk. All this it is again carefully mixed to homogeneous weight and we put on small fire.Stirring slowly, we let's burn and we lead up all this to boiling (approximately minutes 5). As soon as milk will begin to boil, we switch off fire and we let's stand few minutes.
Meanwhile we cut oil on cubes and we throw them in this chocolate weight. We mix everything before complete dissolution of oil and uniformity of a substance.Now we pour out everything in cookies. Carefully we disturb. Should the weight homogeneous will turn out. At this stage it is possible to remove preliminary test – to you should it will be pleasant. Came it is time to form our creation. In this case we take a foil (parchment) and we spread on sausages.Then we wrap this bar and we pass to the following.As soon as they will cool down a little, put sausages in the refrigerator or in a deep freeze. The dish will be ready to a table in about 2-3 hours.
Bon appetit!