Sunday, 23 June 2013

♥Large beam with a scythe

Rather uncover the post to learn how to do this hairstyle.

Brush the hair, make the hair in the middle and start weaving Dutch side of the spit (or French braids Vice versa). For this part of the hair on the top divide into three strands, weaving extreme under the middle.
Then start adding locks on both sides of the main mass of hair.
When weaving reaches the level of the ear, spin the usual braid without adding side strands and fix it transparent rubber band.
For a larger type of hair style, slightly pulling strands already braided tresses. In the presence of the bangs can enable it in braids or weave leave her back on the side.
The rest of the hair are collected on the back in a ponytail, slightly shifting it towards braided tresses. A little tangle tail and use the brakes to beam.
Wrap the hair and the end of braided tresses around its base and tighten the screws.
For better fixation you can use hair spray.