Sunday, 27 October 2013

†Make-up for Halloween in the form of a vampire†

†Make-up for Halloween in the form of a vampire†

Carefully put the face with a very light color tone means. We need to create an imitation of anemic persons. Since this makeup on Halloween to withstand all night and did not suffer the manifestation of emotions, use very persistent basis.Then, armed with a black eyeliner and a clear paint over the eyes from all sides, ending their long bright arrows.

Take the black shadows and light strokes to shade his eyes in a circle, making the emphasis on the upper eyelid.Shades of purple or dark purple eye makeup shades supplement - this way you will add not only a frightening mystery, but also a mysterious sensuality. You can draw a line under some eyebrows pearl pencil to further open their eyes and look to give a thrilling expression.

Complete the vampire makeup with the extension (preferably waterproof) mascara.

The first association with a vampire - is, of course, bloody lips. Therefore, choose a lipstick shades of red with glitter. Matte shades are not as spectacular. You can experiment with colors of lipstick and try a bright purple or dark-cherry shade of lipstick.
Below you can see examples of make-up for Halloween on a photo in the image of the vampire: