Monday, 6 May 2013


Hi guys!
Soon the summer,it is warm and you can sometimes go without a jacket. But I don't advise you to go more in a t-shirt as you can get sick or catch a cold.

This outfit which we will review with you today is for some meetings may even official,for events,maybe even to work in any place,but not everywhere.
I chose blue jacket as I love the color blue,and it fits me. So you can purchase any color, and style of the jacket,just under the jacket, you can buy a blouse or how I wear a light jacket with a t-shirt is very unusual and original.
When this dress I believe it is better to remove hair in a beautiful hairdo I personally made a tail but you can make any since this suit any hairstyle.
This jacket is perfect look with a grey bag about which I told you earlier the same very nice varnish and bracelets but not the Council wear them here very much :)

                                                         Jacket: H&M