Friday, 26 April 2013


Today I have a dress is not the usual two-in-one.
And so let's start with the first one.
In this dress contains essential things in the locker room this:
Jacket easy

but I decided to make an experiment and the top of the t-shirt put on a light t-shirt. It seems to me this is a very beautiful combination and makes dress more elegant. Same as always, I put on the backpack :) but as you can carry the bags and so on.
The second outfit I call: a Typical Russian girl:)
This handkerchief I like very much , but as I'm Russian I like it very much even by the way. this handkerchief can come especially blue-eyed girls with blond hair.
To these two dress may come short little pendants and small clock on the hand.

Mike: oodji
T-shirt: oodji