Thursday, 5 February 2015

Interview with...Annette Hoeldrich

Всем привет! На днях я взяла интервью  у чудесного и стильного fashion-блогрера Annette Hoeldrich. Зайдя на ее блог можно увидеть много стильных вещей,модных outfits,а также просто советы для женщин 40+. 
Она очень женственна,элегантна и поэтому вызывает у меня восхищение.
(переводчик в начале блога)

Question 1: The main question is: how do you start blogging?
My daughter had a personal fashion blog (she is studying at Central Saint Martins in London and currently had to pause her blog as she is too busy with her courses) and encouraged me to start my own blog for women 40+. There aren’t many fashion and style bloggers in my age group but there is a high demand and there is certainly no age limit for style! 
Question 2: What inspires you?
I follow a lot of 40+ blogs but also younger ones with an ageless style and I am very active on Pinterest.  
My daughter is studying Fashion Communication and Promotion and she has a great sense of style. We talk a lot about fashion and style and even exchange a lot of our clothes! I visit her in London regularly and love the street style there.

German women are often dressed very practical and sporty but my best friend is French and I love her easy French chic! And since I don’t live far from Italy, the elegant style of Italian women is another source of inspiration.

Question 3: I watch a lot of blogs and I like the style of girls. I am interested in your style. What inspires you to create your outfit?
Over the years I naturally found my own style and I prefer feminine and elegant looks but it is important to not get stuck in a style rut! I especially love mixing classic and trendy pieces and for that style mix it is great to check out other blogs – also those of younger women!
Question 4: What can you recommend to other girls? For example are just beginning.
-          Find your niche! There are so many young and pretty girls with nice blogs. Make sure there is something unique about your blog.
-          Build up your followers by commenting on other blogs but only with quality comments! No “follow me, follow you” or “Enter my giveaway!” or plain “Love your dress”.
-          Participate in link ups, do guest postings on other blogs, introduce other bloggers to your readers, build a network, link to other blogs.
-          Be active on social media but don’t spam with your content. Retweet/like/share other posts as well.
-          Make sure your photos are of good quality.  And please have them all the same width! It looks so much better!
-          Offer easy options for your readers to follow your blog (don’t use Google Friend Connect any longer!) with buttons for your Social Media, bloglovin’ and email.
-          Think ahead: SEO, Google Analytics, Affiliate links, media kit… it may seem far away but sooner or later you will have to consider all that when you are aiming to work with brands and PR agencies.
-          It is not necessary to post 5 times a week but keep a certain routine your readers can get used to.

Question 5: What music do you listen to?

I love Josh Groban or Katie Melua, modern Fado by Mariza or classic Bossa Nova sound (keep in mind, I am a different generation than most fashion bloggers!)

Question 6: Do you have a favorite place in the city or the country in which you live? :)
Munich! I only live an hour away from this beautiful Bavarian city where I have lived and worked for many years.

Question 7: What do you want to do in the future?
I have an interesting full time job and I spend a lot of time in the evenings and on the weekends on my blog. I want to improve my blog as much as I can and continue working with great brands and attend blogger events worldwide.
In my private life I love travelling and have been to many countries in Asia, I have visited the United States many times, Africa and a lot of Mediterranean countries. I look forward to visit even more countries in the future.
Question 8: How do you feel the need to be fashionable in the modern world?
I cherish the quote “Fashions fade, style is eternal” by Yves Saint Laurent. I don’t need to follow the latest trend or have the most sought-after IT bag if it doesn’t reflect my personal style. Of course I follow trends but I will only wear them when I feel they suit me and I feel comfortable.

Question 9: I think everyone has a blog favorite blogs of other bloggers :) What are yours?
German blog: Glam up your lifestyle 
Question 10: On your blog have a favorite post? or outfit?
Currently I am obsessed by (faux) leather leggings ;-)
… and skirts
And I love dresses and my pink and my leopard coat!

Question 11: Haha probably very strange question: what would you outfit has dressed arriving in Russia? :)
I have been to Moscow a couple of years ago in late autumn and it has been a very interesting trip! It was cold but since we do have cold winters in Southern Germany too, I was well prepared and brought a warm coat with a fur collar, boots and gloves!

Question 12: What can you wish my readers :)
Always stay true to yourself! Feel comfortable in your own style but be open and adventurous and try out something new.