Friday, 5 April 2013

One Way Or Another: Outfit for spring ♥

This outfit as it seems to me looks very specific. Like the color as it seemed to not fit to each other but if their right to choose any combination will be beautiful.

As I said in the early dress black boots chic blend with the dark blue jeans So as blue jacket as it seems to me combined with his pants and jacket red protruding gently from under it complements the outfit and gives it some kind of the so careless and negligent.

Color bracelets: blue , light pink , pearl and chain will add bright colors to together and I think the colors look together very beautiful , bright and harmonious. But not with all the clothes they go.

Bag makes the outfit is very exotic. On the one hand a bright and beautiful on the other hand wildly and pretentious. Many people with this outfit to wear a black bag or red or blue, but now there is a tendency that the outfit brighter than the steeper, so I think that this bag fits here very well. The green color harmonizes with dark blue and black.


Bag: I have bought her in Centro in the beginning of autumn when it was in the new collection, but you can look on ebay

Jacket: it can be purchased at any absolutory boutique. I bought it a long time but such a lot :)