Wednesday, 10 April 2013



today I'm wearing a very UNUSUAL! and my OUTFIT is called RADIOACTIVE.
Oh well, let's start.

I now wearing a t-shirt with the rabbits , and the top light vest. It seems to me is a bright beautiful combination of colors and clothes as the top light the bottom of the dark and more rough. As for me pendant "peace".

As of the earlier posts there is the backpack, I already wrote that this backpack in principle suitable for almost everyone dress ( dress is not in the bill :D ).

With bracelets I have not tried because it would then be many things and not do the same for hours, and a string of thin she had also been in the posts.

And so we turn to you. These sneakers tough, even too but they are considered with dark blue jeans, and is not strong differences and does not catch the truth. spikes on them that resonate like the thorns on his waistcoat.
They add in the outfit of the highlights which is needed in all of the costumes:)