Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Outfit for a walk ( Tuesday )♥

This bag is very convenient, comfortable and her noble colour which seems to me to go to all the girls and to any outfit. This is a dress that you can wear if you go for a walk in the city or in the cafe to have a drink of tea or coffee. As it is suitable for the University.

Blue jeans and black boots very well together in harmony dark colors. Red jacket emphasizes the dignity of your pieces and gives this along bright colors. And so the bag as I said earlier bag fits to all the clothes and it is a big plus. In this outfit she ideal fit.

Pendant and bracelets complement the outfit as small elements. With such clothes you can wear any hair I chose today loose hair.

Where you can buy the outfit:
1)Jacket H&M
2)Boots Centro
3)Bag H&M
4)Pendant and bracelets I bought separately in different store that I do not remember already:) but you can buy other beautiful jewelry :)