Monday, 6 October 2014

Interview with..Sophie-Maude Marchand

The other day I has interviewed a wonderful videobloger Sophie.

Sophie makes a great video on YouTube. 
This nice and sociable girl answered my questions:
Q: You wrote that you wanted to be a film director. What genre would you rented a movie? What are ideas?
A: Yes, I want to be a movie director, since a year, before I wanted so bad to be an actress! My favourite kind of movies are fantastic, romance and science-fiction, so I really want to do a movie with creatures, like mermaids, elf, dragons, etc!

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: My passion is to make videos and write stories, If I could I'll be an author, I can write during hours and hours! And I love watching some Netflix too!;)

Q: How do you get inspiration to video?
A: Hum, I don't really know, I get inspiring by many beauty guru, but I do my best to make original videos! 

Q: Describe your style and what influences it.
A: I love grunge, boho and hippie style! I'm trying to dress up like that! 

Q: Do you have style icons or famous people whose style you admire?
A: Not really, I love tumblr girl style! 

Q: Without which you can not live?
A: My friends and family! And my laptop, I'm in love with my Mac! :P 

Q: What is (for now) is your favorite color?
A: burgundy

Q: That at the moment you read / listen to / watch?
A: I'm reading the Maze Runner, I'm listen: ''Take me to church'' , and I watch ''once upon a time'' 

Q: Where do you want to go, and why?
A: I want so bad to go in New Zealand or somewhere is hot outside ! Coz is cold where I live!